License information. 

Due to a new law passed in Montana, we can no longer provide nonresidents with the Guaranteed Outfitter Licenses. It is on a draw system only now. The price is $944 for a big-game combination license, which includes a conservation, state land, deer A and elk license, and authorizes fishing and hunting of upland game birds, excluding turkey. 17,000 licenses are available, so you have a great chance at drawing a license. Application deadline is March 15th. Results for the drawing are in mid-April. There is a change for 2012 concerning the special permits, you must put in for your special deer and elk permits by March 15th also. (Cow elk, Mule deer buck) If you book a hunt with us we will let you know the hunting districts to put in for. Special drawing deadlines for Antelope by June 1st, Moose, Sheep & Goat by May 2nd.

All hunts booked with L Diamond E Outfitting require a deposit of 30%. In the event that you are not successful in drawing a license, we will refund your deposit or forward your deposit to next hunting season. Cancellation of a trip after licensing is nonrefundable.

Archery hunters must first acquire a combination license, then a $10 archery stamp. All archery hunters must show proof of an NBEF Bowhunters Education Certificate or present any prior years archery stamp, tag, or license from any state or province to purchase a Montana Bowhunting License.

Nonresident License Fees

Big Game Combination $944.00
Elk Combination $794.00
Deer Combination $561.00
Spring Black Bear $350.00
Mountain Lion $320.00
Plus Trophy Fee $50.00
Moose (by permit only) $755.00
Sheep (by permit only) $755.00
Archery Stamp $10.00

prices subject to change

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