Elk hunting archery equipment. 

TEMPERATURE AVERAGES: Daytime: 55-70° Nighttime: 25-40°

BOOTS:  Uninsulated leather or synthetic waterproof 6-8' well broken in. Sore feet can ruin a hunt. Two pair if you have them. If you can bring moleskin to carry in your pack just in case.  I sometimes wear waterproof tennis shoes not a lot of ankle support though.

SOCKS:  (NO COTTON) Go with a wool sock, mid weight with moisture wicking liners, a pair for each day if you can.

CLOTHING:  I always hunt in layers and recommend Sitka Gear for the best quality and performance. A moisture wicking base layer camo, green, gray or brown, this might be all you wear on top if it heats up. Next layer should be thicker, wool polar fleece, if you have turtle necks I recommend that they have a zip up neck.  Light weight waterproof outer layer, may not wear it at all but should be able to tie or stuff it in your pack. Pants, I try to wear a light weight water proof pant that is quiet and breathable that way I am covered no matter what the weather does. You can always slip moisture wicking long johns underneath if it gets colder. A couple of pair would be good, waterproof not necessary. A light weight pair of gloves, comfortable to grip your bow and use a release, not a necessity but the mornings can be chilly and they cover your hands for concealment.

HATS: A camo beanie or ball cap work great, I like the ball caps to hide my eyes for close encounters. All the above items should be camo and quiet material. 

GADGETS:  Camera, rangefinder, binos( 8-10X42s) work great, knife, small flashlight, headlamp works great, extra batts. cell phone, 

PACK:  Day pack with waist and chest strap recommended.  Big enough to carry lunch and water for your guide (just kidding), camera, flashlight, small first aid kit and survival essentials lighter, rain gear, etc.  Some packs are set up with hydration bladders these are great because you are more likely to stay hydrated, better than digging a water bottle out of your pack. Should be made out of quiet material and not hot pink.

MISC:  Scent free soaps, deodorant, scent killer for equipment and clothing, extra bow string and bow tools,  face paint.

Don't forget to bring camp/lodge clothing for the end of the day.  You will need a sleeping bag for camp hunts.

This is list of items that we have used over the years, not all of it is not crucial to have. Some brands are better than others, you'll have to do some research.

The most important tools is a good comfortable well broke in pair of boots and oh yea bring your bow and some arrows. -Good Hunting


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