We offer two types of hunts.


1) The Guest Ranch Hunt

Sleep in the comfort of a beautiful private rustic cabin, and be escorted by four-wheel drive or horseback to the hunt by day, and return each night to a warm cabin, hot shower, and hearty meal served in the lodge. For more information on the guest ranch, visit www.ldiamonde.com.

2) The Tent Camp Hunt

Pack into the prearranged rustic yet comfortable backcountry camp located on acres of fertile hunting land, in position and ready for the day's elk hunting or deer hunting excursion. Our tent camp consists of one 16'x24' cook tent where you will be served two very good table-side meals per day. Sack-lunches including sandwiches, fruit, and candy bars will be provided on the hunt. Sleeping tents are 12'x14' foot wall tents complete with wood stove, cots, foam mattress, and a rug floor for your comfort. We also have a heated shower tent and can accommodate both male and female hunters of all ages.

What's included:

Everything is provided but your own personal gear (sleeping bag, rifle, ammunition, etc.). We recommend you bring a good rifle of at least a 270 caliber with scope. Ultimately, you're rifle should be one that you feel comfortable shooting. Most hunting is accomplished a-foot with transportation to and from the hunting areas by horseback as needed, so we do encourage you to come in shape to hike.


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